Good Bye Louisiana…Hello Colorado

Connie-SewingOther than not having to shovel snow, serving here at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge has allowed plenty of time for sewing. Connie and Cyndy enjoy going to sew days at the Quilt-n-stitch in Monroe on Wednesdays.


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We’re blessed with a view of the Bayou DeSiard (locals pronounce it like “brassiere” with a “D”). Connie smeared some peanut butter on a pine cone, then rolled it in bird seed. We hung it from a limb we could view out our back window and enjoyed seeing a variety of birds as we eat breakfast and while she is sewing. Just some of the birds out our window are: Red breasted Hawk, Cardinal, and Eastern Bluebird.


Connie loves the birds and managed to complete our queen size “bird” quilt while enjoying watching the wild birds right outside the window.


While the view from the back of our trailer is quite pristine, the shop area is out the front. Not so breath taking, but close to the vehicles and where Ed spends a lot of time. The short commute is GREAT! The large metal shop in the background has been constructed while we’ve been here. It’s almost finished. Cliff will get to enjoy helping move all the Fish and Wildlife Services’ stuff in to the new building. It is quite state-of-the art. The project manager told use the entire shop’s indoor lighting (quite bright) is only 8 watts!

We depart our home at Black Bayou Monday February 29. We’ll stop that night at a Walmart around Longview, Texas. We’ll be on our way to Stephenville, Texas on Tuesday to spend a few days with Ed’s sister Alice and family.


The plan is to travel from Stephenville to Elk City, Oklahoma on Saturday March 5 in order to have a little maintenance done on the trailer. Then off to Colorado on Wednesday March 9. A crummy time to leave the south for more wintry weather, but we want to be back for grand daughter Faith’s confirmation and 8th grade graduation. We can endure the weather 😉

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