Streaming Around

In addition to our trip to Savannah and the NW in our Safari, we thought we’d try a month living in our new Classic. So we spent most of January 2014 in Boulder City, NV. Enjoyed it so much we started thinking more about going full time. THEN…our friends, Cliff and Cyndy, took off in their dually and 5th wheel for AK on Mother’s day…waving “follow us” as the left Longmont.

Zipping in Boulder City, NV

Connie getting ready to for the zip line decline Bootleg Canyon.

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  1. wow, what an adventure!! we tried full timing 4 yrs ago. rented our house and gave or sold everything, ha, 2 yrs later, moved back into the house and had to start all over, but it was fun while it lasted. We had a40 ft.diesel with bath & 1/2, it was beautiful. But with my age and a few health problems, sold it. again, we are going to try & make it to Az this winter, but borrowing Doreen`s (trailer 21 ft) and her larger truck we usually stay IN Yuma but have never tried Mesa. of course we will be stopping on the way down at all the kids places. Too bad son Manny has been gone for 6 yrs. Sure do miss him(throat cancer)Maybe we can hook up somewhere. Haven`t seen you in ages. We are in Hope BC and love it. Hope to hear from you., Love, Ed & Annie

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