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SpicewoodSignSpicewoodCanyonSpicewood-Hike-EdTuesday afternoon, a beautiful day, we ventured on a hike to get acquainted with just a couple of the many trails; Spicewood Springs and Spicewood Canyon. Very picturesque hike. Can you make out the Colorado River in the far background of the canyon picture?

Fall is peeking around the corner and leaves are just starting to turnĀ  for the winter. We are anxious for the full fall colors to show their brilliance. We wound up hiking about 6 miles. The evening beer really tasted great!
RanchGate2RanchGate1We ventured in to Lampassas Monday to do a little shopping. Noticed fuel prices were down some more. Got a couple pictures of the ranch gates mentioned in a previous post, so wanted to share. There are many. Will be interesting to research how/who owns the ranches, and perhaps a little history.

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