Stop off in Stephenville, Texas

20141001_132315[1]It’s not Alaska, or even Colorado, but some pretty interesting views traveling south to Stephenville along US84 toward Sweetwater where we meet I20. We saw countless acres of cotton and wind energy turbines, with a few RR tanker cars mixed in. We stayed at another Walmart in Lubbock. Actually two. The first one was questionable. A Murphy Express as part of the Walmart where we noticed regular unleaded for $2.99.9. More like $3.05 here in Stephenville.
header-cowboy[1]We’re visiting my sister Alice and the family here. Great little college town, home of Tarleton State University, part of Texas A&M. No King Soopers. No Home Depot or Lowes. No RV supply. No Verizon store. No bike shops. BUT…they do have a Walmart and a Starbucks…and lots and lots of pickups! AND…did I mention lots of rodeo cowboys are home based here. Stephenville boasts they are “The Cowboy Capital of the World.” Welcome to Texas.

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