Mike Isley from Isley’s RV, Mesa Arizona, feeding solar cable through roof. November 17, 2016


Added 3 Solar World 260 Watt panels. Wanted 4, but not enough room on the roof. Mike Isley doing the install. Mike’s number: 480-215-5044. Very efficient, knowledgeable, mobile, and reasonable.


Installed Morningstar Corp TriStar (TS60MPPT) Charge Controller and DC Breaker next to our existing Magnum 2812 Converter/Inverter. Breaker equipped with two 60amp DIN breakers.


Morningstar Corp TSRM-2 solar charge controller display.

All solar panels and equipment purchased from Solar Penny, 4410 E University Dr, Suite 107, Mesa, AZ 85205; 480-832-0585. Mike works with, but not for, Solar Penny. Total cost was just under $2000 installed.

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