Suburban SF42.AirWheel Suburban SF42.NEW.AirWheel

Somewhere along our travels our furnace starting smelling like burning plastic when on CheapHeat, and wouldn’t come on at all when on propane. Tried to find an RV repair tech that could fix it, but no takers. Ed finally tore into it and discovered one side of the 2-sided plastic air wheel had shattered, blowing plastic fan blades into the air path. It also wiped out the “sail switch” that’s needed for the gas furnace to operate. Managed to fish out all the fan blades and ordered a new metal air wheel and sail switch. Back in service for about $35.



After pulling the wheel cap to inspect hub grease cert, noticed the plastic hub cover was broke. DRV sent me a new Dexter Brakes cover. The embrossing says 25-30 foot pounds of torque. Found a socket for $22 to fit, but couldn’t justify the expense for a one-tme use. Manually measured 25 pounds feel using a torque wrench and used large channel lock pliers to snug it on to similar pressure. Mainly that it isn’t over tight.

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