Parked at Cheri's

Forecast called for Snow/rain Friday (9/12), the day we were planning on vacating 2415 and pulling the trailer out of the backyard. So decided to avoid pulling the trailer out in the muck, loaded the truck with all our stuff…way too much…hooked up the trailer and pulled it to sister Cheri’s in Loveland a day early:Thursday.
We had thinned out 95% of our stuff through two garage sales, “Free day and the Flea Market” with our family, give aways, Craigslist, and throw aways. Most of what remained, we were fortunate to have a fantastic sister with a new shed that gave us a small area to store what we will leave behind.

After all the thinning, we still had a lot of stuff to take with us on the road. I’m sure we’ll thin out some more as we learn what we really don’t need. In the mean time the TRUCK IS FULL!

We stopped at the scales before making the trek to Loveland. Total weight 18,700 lbs. The truck alone is 5 ton! Trailer is GVWR rated at 10,000 lbs, but we kept it at 8700 with empty black/gray water tanks.

Closing is Monday (9/15) and we’re off to WY/SD and then TX.

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  2. Yeah! Glad you made it…

    We are at Dworshak Dam. As Cyndy told Connie, we had to get a Verizon Jet Port (hot spot) and a Verizon telephone which works over the cellar system. AT&T just doesn’t work in this part of the world. Are home number and the only number that works is 720-884-7039 (Verizon telephone).

    We went to Lewiston and Clarkston today to go to the Verizon store and to find a RV repair shop for both some body work and glass work. I’ll write more later about this exciting episode of our lives.

    Talk soon,

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