Goodbye Colorado Bend

HeadquartersTreeThis large live oak tree outside the Colorado Bend Headquarters is reportedly over 800 years old. Some say it may be older than 1500. None of the staff was here when it was a seedling, so only core tests can estimate. At any rate, we leave Colorado Bend and all the wonderful folks we’ve met here. Bitter/sweet as Connie says. But they won’t miss us if we don’t go away. So away we must go.

Here is a great Youtube video that offers a glimpse of what we experienced at Colorado Bend, and some of the staff that we now call friends.
Connie-Ann at-saltLickOne of the many wonderful times we spent at Colorado Bend was with other park hosts. One Monday (our day off) we traveled south of Austin to the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant/resort. A very well known and popular place near Driftwood, Texas. Quite a place. Check the link.

Connie and Ann chat away as usual. Lyman and Terre (end of table) study the menu. Bob and Ann discuss their order, but have been here before and initiated our trip this time.

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