Hunting Season

  Colorado Bend State Park has a lot of whitetail deer, not to mention many feral hogs, and a few exotic species.  There are 4 weeks of deer hunting, but only 24 hunters per week. The 4th week of the … Continue reading

Overdue Update

Typical morning sunrise we see out from our camp site space. Fantastic! We have been running and going so much, so have abandoned making any new posts. It’s time to catch up. We had several comments from an earlier post  … Continue reading

Counting Bats

Took a moment to stop and view the area in route to the Gorman Cave here at Colorado Bend State Park.  Connie and Jason standing on the rocky ledge that looks down to Dog Leg Canyon. Quite steep and very … Continue reading

Ranch Gates & Trails

Tuesday afternoon, a beautiful day, we ventured on a hike to get acquainted with just a couple of the many trails; Spicewood Springs and Spicewood Canyon. Very picturesque hike. Can you make out the Colorado River in the far background … Continue reading